UK public finances

Bank of England‘s asset purchase facility

As of 24/02/2021 gilt holdings are £748bn, corporate bond holdings are £20bn and total facility size is £895bn. Total facility usage is 86%.

Cashflow & debt

Data sources

Money INOffice for National Statistics series MIZX
HMRC tax receipts and National Insurance contributions for the UK
Money OUTCalculated by adding ‘Money IN’ + ‘Balance’
BalanceOffice for National Statistics series DZLS
DebtOffice for National Statistics series HF6W

Budget 2020-21

Income 2020-21

DescriptionAmount £bn
Total: 873
% of total receipts
Income tax20824%
National insurance contributions15017%
Other taxes9110%
Other non-taxes8710%
Corporation tax587%
Excise duties485%
Council tax384%
Business rates324%

Outgoings 2020-21

DescriptionAmount £bn
Total: 928
% of total spending
Social protection28531%
Other (including EU transactions)586%
Debt interest566%
Public order and safety384%
Personal social services364%
Housing and environment323%
Industry, agriculture and employment303%

Data sources

The numbers for the above 2x tables were obtained from HM Treasury’s Budget 2020. The data used in the 2x tables above can be downloaded here.

Last updated: 24/02/2021